10 Irrefutable Reasons Why you Need a Website as a musician (and Why Social Media Isn’t Enough)

There are countless benefits to creating and maintaining social media as a today whether upcoming or top musician, but truly, nothing compares to having a personal, official website for your audience to turn to. That’s exactly why today we’re going to run through why it’s so essential that every musician to creates and maintains a website, and why simply putting up your work on social media isn’t enough.

There was a time when businesses weren’t always convinced that they needed a website, seeing it as a nuisance, and not fully understanding the benefits of having one. Those days are long gone, and yet still, many musician shrug off the importance of having a website. Sure, if you’re creative it is unlikely that you think of yourself as a business, but if you’re trying to sell your music, or even just to get recognised within the music industry, having a website is a non-negotiable. In today’s day and age, setting one up won’t take you very long at all — so there’s really very few excuses as to why you might not have one (yet).

Some musician tells me ‘But I’m already on Instagram,youtube, audiomac, spotify,etc!’, they proclaim. Sure, Instagram and other musical distribution platform are fantastic visual and distribution tool that, when used wisely, can drum up huge amounts of followers and serve as a vehicle to selling your music. However, simply existing on these platforms is not enough. Today, we’ll talk you through why that is, and the benefits of having a website.

1. Copyright protection. Your music is a personal investment of time, money, and effort. Moreover, it is also your intellectual property. Having a digital library of your musical work will save you a lot of hassle in the event of copyright infringement, as you can present this record in court. In Ghana, copyright protection is attained automatically the moment the work is created. Since protection does not depend on registration, a creator does not need to register his/her work. In some jurisdictions however, registration is required if the author wishes to bring a lawsuit against someone for infringement in connection with his/her music, read more about copyrights in Ghana here.

2. Stay relevant. Audience expectations for music have shifted in the digital age, with an increased appetite for immersive and interactive experiences that incorporate technology. If you want to stay relevant, you have to not only be online, but to also demonstrate your aptitude for tech.

3. Be visible and easy to contact. With contact forms and links to social media accounts, it can make it really easy for potential clients and businesses to contact you.

4. Full creative ownership of your space. On a social media site, you’re just one of many accounts that someone follows. And it’s an ever-changing feed. You’re just one post in a long string of stuff. Why would you not want your audience to take your music seriously and see it in the way that you choose to curate and show it? A website allows you to do exactly that.

5. Take advantage of blogging and SEO. An engaging, relevant blog is one of the best ways to increase your chances of showing up at the top of google search results, which is undeniably one of the most effective ways of generating traffic and, in turn, sales of your music.

6. Build an e-mail newsletter. People are much more likely to read an email from their favourite musician than they are to see a post on social media.

7. Solidify your credibility. Having a website helps to build your credibility as a professional rather than a hobbyist. People expect to be able to find the website of a well-known musician, beat maker, or creative. If someone is looking for your website and discovers you don’t have one, this may send the wrong message. When you have a website, you can use this to build credibility in the digital space, and improve your real-world reputation as a result.

8. Drive sales. Having an online shop on your website ensures that people can buy or pay for your music and shows through your website means sales can happen all year round, not just when you’re being called on a show to perform.

9. Develop your personal brand. With millions of producers and record lables out there, it’s hard to stand out from the crowd. How your website is designed and what you feature shows the public – which includes musical galleries, publicists, news organizations and potential buyers – who you are and what you’re all about.

10. Grow (and be a part of) a respected digital community. Having a website offers an unmatched opportunity to be a part of an international music community, one that is instantly marked by a recognisable brand. Take advantage of this instantly identifiable collective and register for your domain today.

Let me give you this final tip you can also become a distributor and sell your own and others music, promoter for others to advertise their businesses on your website, Email or me for more consultational services on how to go about it. To build your website as a musician just follow this discount link  contact abnwebmasters.com