Importance of Owning a website as an Actor / Actress

Section 1

Topic: How to upgrade yourself as an actor

As an actor Your image, Voice, Personalities and Works are your greatest tool, so the first reason you need to have a website as an actor is

1) To let your works be seen : Producers, Casting directors, Directors, Script Writers and other people in your industry want to see the work you’ve done, they want to get inspired. If you don’t put your work out there then nobody can see your work or ideas. More important, potential clients and employers can’t see your work.

2) You will Be Heard : In addition to your portfolio as an actor on your website, it’s a great idea to keep up in the acting industry. Putting your ideas and thoughts about the industry trends out there with a blog is the best way to stay current and prove you’re an innovator and can solve the most complex problems.

3) Your Innovation : By putting your ideas down on your website you’re documenting them for retrieval by yourself and others. This does not only allows you to retrieve those ideas later but to help your work on your current project or stay focused, now others can see your ideas and add valuable insights too. Your acting project or idea becomes infinitely more powerful as more people see it and more are thinking about it.

4) You Protect Yourself : The movie industry market today is tricky to maneuver. There’s no such thing as a job for life so you need to prepare yourself. It may feel like you’re on top of your game and doing great work, but you never know when things will shift internally. If you’ve prepared by securing rights to some of your work (all you have to do is ask!) and put them together as part of your portfolio on your website then you’re prepared to start job hunting right away. Just as it’s important to always keep your résumé/CV updated regularly, you should keep a well-maintained portfolio on your website that shows (not just tells!) all your latest accomplishments. Set aside a few hours or month to organize and edit a project to show on your portfolio. It doesn’t take very long and the security of it creates for your career is priceless. If you don’t have a movie or a short skit or shoot of any kind to add as your portfollio as a an upcoming actor, you can start a blog documenting your ideas and work beliefs. This will help you

5) You Learn more : Learning a new task seems overwhelming with all the new information coming at you. With a blog on your website you’ll be a more powerful and self-directed learner because you can keep track of what you’re learning and better reflect. Your learning can become a searchable thing if you write and reflect in your blog. No longer do you have to rely on memory or hope you learned it well enough. This is when you have gone to a workshop and you want to practice what youve learnt. As long as you take the few minutes to document your learning it will all be searchable right in your blog.

6) You Evolve : You’ll better be able to grow in your career because you’ll be a more active and reflective learner. Your ideas and learning are evolving things, they never stand still and your opinions and habits in work are always changing. If you document your work then you’ll be able to not only see yourself evolve, you’ll better be able to see where you need to go next to succeed.

7) You Build Credibility : You’ll build a presence in the acting industry and become known by others. The more people are familiar with your thoughts and work the more willing they are to trust you, therefore, building your credibility in the acting community such as this group AOI, Facebook, etc which is linked to your website. Who are you going to trust more? The person who says they’ve created or done something, or the one who has shown they’ve created or done something? Not only that, but you would trust the person who has written extensively on and shown they’re familiar with the topic. The one who provides solid proof will be more trusted and built enough credibility through their website that they don’t even need to convince anybody they’ve done great things and can do it again.

8) You Build your Following or followers : Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your most avid blog reader hired you into your dream job? That can happen if you put yourself and your ideas out there. People will sign up to read your blog, they’ll be waiting for your next post hungry to read what you’re going to say next. Your following can vouch for your skills. It also becomes easier to show someone you’re serious about what you do and can make some real change in their business.

9) You Create Your Community : This seems like building a followers but it varies in that you are creating discussion between followers and yourself. Your followers are no longer passive consumers of your thoughts rather they become active participants by commenting, sharing, and discussing ideas in social media. They help evolve your thinking and play into the “two heads are better than one” scenario. Your followers has gone to a new level when your portfolio items or blog posts on your website are becoming a topic of discussion in the media world.

10) Your Market Your Skills : Your website will gives you a place that you control and can choose exactly how others see you. Put your best foot forward on your website with your best projects. There’s no excuse not to show your best work because you own your skills. The Production house may own a specific project but they can never own your skills which you can use to create demo’s just for your website.

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